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Blond hair without yellow tones - mission possible


Have you ever been frustrated with your blond hair after dyeing it? Are you looking for a purple shampoo with toner for removing yellowness? The Hair Jazz line has something to offer - you can now order blonde haircare products for eliminating yellow tones! Toning shampoo, yellow tones removing conditioner and a blond hair mask will lighten your dyed hair by giving noticeable highlights. And don't worry - all the products are safe to use and do not cause damage to dry hair.

We know that a daily routine for colored blonde hair can be pretty difficult as the hair may be damaged, dry, lost shiness and with undesirable yellow tones. This is why Institute Claude Bell, a well-recognized company with expertise in daily hair care, hair loss and hair regrowth, has developed products with toner for blond hair. All the products are safe to use since they

must pass bacteriological, toxicological tests and clinical trials. The Hair Jazz line is produced in Southern France, but you can order products online from our official store and enjoy French quality!


Hair Jazz hair care products for blond hair


Are you unhappy with your bleaching results and looking for a purple shampoo to lighten your blond hair? We can offer to try our Hair Jazz products for eliminating yellow tones! Reviews and "before and after" photos show that clients can enjoy their blonde hair with silver tones, so it is worth choosing our Hair Jazz line. Moreover, the products not only give you nice highlights but also protect and nourish your blond hair, which is often damaged from bleaching.
We offer to buy:

  • Hair Jazz Shampoo Eliminating Yellow Tones.

This toning shampoo gives you results after one wash by eliminating yellow tones and adding silver shades. It contains vitamin E and castor oil, these substances remove cell damage and promote healthier and faster hair growth. Hair Jazz shampoo with toner is also beneficial for dry hair as it moisturizes it with coconut oil.


  • Hair Jazz Conditioner eliminating Yellow Tones.

Hair Jazz conditioner for blonde hair not only nourishes and protects but also helps to avoid split ends. It is useful for maintaining nice, silver, light tones for longer and can be used up to three times a week. The conditioner with toner contains coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

  • Hair Jazz Mask Eliminating Yellow Tones.

This is not a purple mask, it is actually blue! But don't worry, it will give you the best results for dyed hair - the blond hair mask is for deep nourishment and maximum repair, and can be used up to three times per week. This product contains soy oil with Omega 3 and wheat germ extract for maximum nourishment and repair, as well as baicalensis root extract and arginine which helps you with volume and hair damage.

  • A full set for blonde hair care routine.

Order all the products for cheaper! If you want maximum effects, a blonde hair care set is a perfect choice. The first step is washing the hair with shampoo, the second - applying conditioner, and the third - using a mask.


Why is it worth buying these Hair Jazz products for dyed hair? In addition to natural ingredients that are found in them, all blond hair products are created to provide results after one wash and not cause damage at the same time. Moreover, it does not dye your hair or clothes blue or purple. Order the products for a good price now! A sale can offer even better deals, so don't miss it! Besides, always follow instructions on product labels.


Everyday maintenance for bleached blond hair


When we are talking about blonde haircare, we are often mentioning so-called purple shampoo or purple mask, which are supposed to lighten bleached hair. But everyday blond hair maintenance involves more than that. To keep shiness and softness, you have to apply more than one blond hair product - bleaching has its own cost.


We all know that it is not healthy to bleach our hair, although the damage can be reduced to a minimum. Damage to bleached blond hair occurs due to chemicals, which remove our natural hair color, in the bleacher. It usually results in split ends, dry hair, or even hair loss. Undesirable yellow tones are often an issue as well, therefore, women use hair care products with toner.
To keep your blond hair shiny and healthy, you should follow these tips:

  • Avoid washing your hair too often. Like other hair types, bleached blond hair should not be washed very often. Washing everyday causes dryness, so sometimes try to apply dry shampoo;
  • Always use moisturizing products, such as conditioner with toner and blond hair mask. Bleached blond hair usually becomes even dryer and harsher from chemicals, so deep hydration is very important;
  • In addition to these hydration products, you may benefit from hair serum for split ends - you can find Hair Jazz serum in our online shop;
  • Look for essential oils in the products for colored blonde hair - they enrich both your hair and scalp with nutrients;
  • Avoid harmful ingredients, such as SLS. They are known to cause dryness, irritation, hair loss and color fading. In fact, the best hair products are sulfate-free and paraben-free;
  • Avoid direct sun. It is recommended to cover your head with a hat to keep the color fresh;
  • While washing, use cooler water. It is a good idea to change the temperature of water to encourage hair growth (warmer - cooler), but always end with a cooler;
  • If possible, avoid a hairdryer, because hot air damages your hair. If using it, make sure that the air is cool and the hair is covered with heat protectant spray. In this case, do not apply oils or serum on wet hair;
  • After washing, use a gentle microfibre towel and do not rub your head.


We all love blond hair: it can hide gray hair and looks good on every woman. But bleached blond hair requires proper maintenance. In addition to this, you may need a blue or purple shampoo with toner to get bright highlights. Our online store offers to order hair products for all hair types and needs!


Boost hair color with purple shampoo


Do you know that so-called purple hair care products for blond hair can make your hair lighter and brighter? Just look at the reviews of our Hair Jazz products for eliminating yellow tones! The production is a perfect choice for women who want to add some highlights and silver tones to blond hair. Toning shampoo and other products are natural and nourishing, so your hair can benefit from them at the same time!


Generally, there are two blond hair types: a warm blonde with peach shades and a cool blonde with grayish and silver tones. However, it is not easy to choose the right blonde haircare products, but we ensure that the Hair Jazz line will not cause any additional damage to dyed hair. Our toning shampoo, conditioner and mask are free of chemicals, including SLS, parabens and hormones. They are also cruelty-free, which means that our line does not test on animals!


Blue or purple shampoo helps your hair to look fresh like from the hair salon, it is worth adding them to your blonde hair care routine. But how does blue or purple shampoo work? The secret is violet pigments that are found in them. According to color theory, these pigments are opposite to yellow tones, so they neutralize the yellow color. In addition, blue shampoo is designed to eliminate not only yellow but also orange, brassy and reddish tones. Blue shampoo is very popular among natural brunettes with bleached blond hair. Besides, these shampoos do not damage your blond hair, and they are very popular for toning them. Get your Hair Jazz products for a good price and enjoy your toned blond hair!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to choose Hair Jazz hair care products for blond hair?

We recommend choosing the Hair Jazz product Eliminating Yellow Tones for blond hair that needs to be lightened. These products give silver tones and moisturize dry hair. Also, you may want to buy other hair tools and accessories to stimulate hair follicles and regrowth.   If you want to have healthy and shiny hair, you need to buy those products that are rich in essentials and do not contain harmful ingredients. Luckily, our products include a lot of beneficial ingredients and do not contain those ingredients which can cause hair loss and hair damage.

How much do Hair Jazz hair care products for blond hair cost?

The price depends on the amount of the product, the function of the product and other factors. However, you can buy Hair Jazz hair care products for cheaper during the sale. To learn about sales, you may want to subscribe.